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    New York, NY (The Parts That Matter…)
    by RBD Enterprises

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    Accurate. “Ethnic People”


  2. For once in your 25 years, be my big sister

    It’s my sisters 25th birthday today and she brought her boyfriend home after their traumatic 2 day break up and cried when my mom and I didn’t like the idea of him sitting in on our usual women’s only dinner nights together as a family.

    She packed her things and left after eating alone with her supposed soul mate (I assume they’re going to have make up sex tonight after their, again, very traumatic 2 day break up).

    Happy fucking birthday, sis. I hope your character, rationality, empathy levels and personality don’t continue to decay as your age increases.


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    Favorite thing in a while.

    8am morning songs.

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