Beauty in Words
An ongoing personal project that turns steel tipped words said to me in the past into aesthetically pleasing (or so I hope) lettering pieces. It gives a sense of irony to the reader: it is both nice, but the words hurt. Should they like it? Or should they be concerned.
I started a personal art project that merges two goals I wish to accomplish: improving on my novice hand lettering and growing thicker skin or simply coming to terms with my past. 

For most of my life, I’ve been whipped with words that left scars and soothed by others; these words are embedded into my skin. This project will force me to think back to those who relentlessly hurt me at my lowest and think back to people who helped, but I never showed enough gratitude for. Others are observations from friends.

Emotional and mental abuse is fucking disgusting.

By turning linkages of words into something (hopefully) pleasant on the eyes, I hope to capture some kind of irony. Ugly words. Clean and “pretty” placement and format of the words that haunt me to this day.